Enjoy colorful spring in Taiyuan

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Beilin Park

The elegant Yulan magnolia flowers are in full blossom. [Photo/]

The simple but elegant Yulan magnolia flowers look like lamps or flying pigeons. The snow white petals stand in the early spring chill providing visitors a quietly elegant beauty. The best spot for viewing Yulan magnolia flowers in Taiyuan is Beilin Park, which boasts pavilions, artificial hills, bridges, ponds, and galleries. Integrating leisure, fitness, sightseeing, and ecology, the park has become an ideal place for local residents and tourists to enjoy the flowers across all four seasons: Yulan magnolia flowers in the spring, lotuses in the summer, chrysanthemum in the autumn, and wintersweet in the winter.

Full blossom: Mid-March to early April

Location: No 56 Kangle Street, Yingze district, Beilin Park, Taiyuan, Shanxi province

Ticket price: 2 yuan ($0.30)

Opening hours: All day

Transportation: Buses Nos 863, 308, and 618 to Yingze Qiaodong (迎泽桥东/Yingze Qiaodong)

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