Chifeng Hongshan National Forest Park

Updated: Mar 22, 2019 Print
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Chifeng Hongshan National Forest Park is China's only artificial park and is located in Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/Inner Mongolia Daily]

Chifeng Hongshan National Forest Park, which covers 4,300 hectares, is located in Hongshan district, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, about 3 kilometers from the downtown area. It is the only artificial forest park in China and a landmark of Chifeng. 

Approved by the National Forestry Bureau, the park was built in November 1991 with the forest coverage ratio of 39 percent. It consists of four parts and boasts different varieties of trees that are planted in the park such as pines, spruces, and willows, creating the forest scenery seldom seen on the grasslands. In addition, plants used in herbalism and wild animals can also be found there.

Hongshan Mountain is one of the major highlights in the park. Hongshan in Chinese means "red mountain," as stones in the mountain are almost all colored red. It is the cradle of Hongshan culture and many cultural relics have been unearthed from the mountain.

The park is well equipped with service facilities. Restaurants and hotels are all available, providing traditional Mongolian performances and specialties to tourists.


Stones at Hongshan Mountain are red in color. [Photo/]


The picturesque scenery of Hongshan National Forest Park [Photo/]

Scenic Spot level: AAAA

Opening hours: 5:30-21:00

Tel: +86-476-8663472

Address: 26 Hongfeng Road, Hongshan district, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia autonomous region (south gate of the park)

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