Tibet travel packing list

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It is very important to pack lightly. No matter how long your trip is or where you are planning to go, it is always essential to pack with minimal amounts of clothes and other supplies. One medium-large backpack or rolling duffel bag and a day pack should be enough for a 2-4 week trip.

Before getting on the plane, we recommend walking around the block several times with your bags to see how it feels. If it feels heavy, then it would be wise to take out any nonessential items.

A tourist on a trek in Tibet. [Photo/VCG]


a. Cards and certificates: Tibet travel permit, passport (most important), and bank cards are the most necessary items. Also it is recommended to carry enough cash in hand.

b. Commodity: a pair of hiking boots/sturdy sneakers, sleeping bag and insulation pad, ground cloth or tarp (recommended but not required), rain gear (waterproof pants and jacket), towel, 3-5 T-shirts, a lightweight fleece or wool sweater, 2 pairs of nylon pants, 5-7 pairs of socks (polypropylene or wool are recommended), 3-5 pairs of underwear, sunglasses and sunblock, and personal toiletries (you may want to carry your own toilet paper and some zip-lock bags, as bathrooms may not be readily available), as well as any required personal medication, bottles of oxygen, and even a first-aid kit are also necessary.

c. Photography: camera, batteries and film/digital memory cards are probably needed in Tibet.

For men and women entering Tibet, shorts are inappropriate to wear according to Tibetan customs. Instead jeans or skirts are recommended. In the summer and spring, doing your own laundry is an excellent solution to dirty clothes. The strong sunlight and dry environment are perfect for allowing clothes to dry quickly.

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