Dalian ushers in ideal bird-watching season

Updated: Mar 14, 2019 Print
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1. To begin bird-watching, it is important to have a reliable bird-watching guide. Bird-watching guides are generally region or country specific, so make sure you have the appropriate guide for your area.

2. To assist you in spotting the many varieties of birds, a pair of bird-watching binoculars is recommended. These range greatly in price and quality. Look around to find a pair of birding binoculars to suit your needs. A step up from binoculars is bird-watching scopes and bird-watching telescopes. Spotting scopes and telescopes enable you to see birds over a greater distance and with greater clarity.

3. A good field guide to aid in the identification of birds is a necessity. If you see an unusual sighting, a compact field guide will help you make a positive identification.

4. One simple but important piece of bird-watching equipment is a notebook. Birders need a notebook or recording book to keep track of the species they have seen. Something that is compact and waterproof is an excellent choice. You will want to have room for the species name, where you saw it, the date, and any special conditions that you noted. It's important to have a working pen or pencil that is attached to the notebook.

5. Most birders incorporate a good camera into the field equipment that they carry. Although taking good bird pictures in their natural habitat can be an art, you still will enjoy the process of capturing the sight of unusual breeds as proof of identification.

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