Dalian ushers in ideal bird-watching season

Updated: Mar 14, 2019 Print
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Haiwang Nine Islands

Haiwang Nine Islands is also a preferred place for rare birds such as seagulls, puffins, and egrets to breed and inhabit, with varieties of birds here refraining from invading each other and living peacefully. 

Among the nine islands, Tuanyuan Island and Guanxiang Island are usually the territory of egrets, while seagulls occupy Xiaohaiwang Island and Yuanbao Island in the north. Sometimes the birds fly high into the air to cover the sun, and other times  they fall to the ground to cover the islands and reefs. The extraordinary sight is a major draw for bird watchers enchanted by the scene.


The bird island at Haiwang Nine Islands

Address: Changhai county, Zhuanghe, Dalian, Liaoning province

Opening hours: 8 am - 5 pm

Ticket price: 70 yuan ($10.42)

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