Catalogue of Industries for Guiding Foreign Investment (Revision 2017)

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VI. Wholesale and Retail Industries

314. Common distribution of general commodities, low-temperature distribution of live and fresh agricultural products and special drugs, as well as other logistical services and relevant technological services

315. Rural chain distribution

316. Construction and operation of pallet and container unit sharing system

VI. Wholesale and Retail Industries

317. International economic, science and technology, environmental protection, and logistical information consulting services

318. Engaging in system application management and maintenance, information technology support management. Bank back-office services, financial settlement, software development, off-shore call centers, data processing and other information technology and business process outsourcing services by contracting outsourced services

319. Venture capital enterprises

320. Intellectual property right services

321.  Household services

VIII. Scientific Research and Technical Services

322. Bioengineering and biomedical engineering technologies and biomass energy development technology

323. Isotope, radiation and laser technology

324. Marine development and marine energy exploitation technology, technology for comprehensive utilization of marine chemical resources, development and refinement or deep processing of related products, and marine medicine and biochemical product development technology

325. Ocean monitoring technology (ocean tidal waves, weather and environment monitoring) and submarine detection and oceanic resources exploration and assessment technology

326. Technologies for high value-added utilization of seawater chemical resources, including but not limited to production of salt and extraction and deep processing of potassium, bromine, magnesium, lithium by comprehensively utilizing desalinated dense seawater

327. Offshore oil pollution cleaning and ecological restoration technology and relevant product development, technology for prevention and treatment of seawater eutrophication, technology for prevention and treatment of marine life explosive growth disaster, and coastal zone ecological environment restoration technology

328. Development of energy saving and environmental protection technologies and related services

329. Development and application of technologies for recycling and comprehensive utilization of resources and for recycling of emissions and discharges from enterprise production

330. Environmental pollution treatment and monitoring technologies

331. New technologies for energy efficiency in chemical fiber production and printing and dyeing processing and for the treatment of exhaust gas, waste liquid and waste residue

332. Desertification prevention and desert treatment technologies

333. Comprehensive management technology for grassland-livestock balance

334. Civil satellite application technology

335. Research and development centers

336. High and new technology, new product development and enterprise incubation centers

337. Development and application of Internet of things technology

338. Industrial design, architectural design, costume design and other creative industries

IX. Water Conservancy, Environmental, and Public Facility Management Industries

339. Construction and operation of urban enclosed roads

340. Construction and operation of urban subway, light railway and other track transport

341. Construction and operation of sewage and garbage treatment plants, hazardous waste treatment and disposal plants (incineration plants and landfills), and environmental pollution treatment and control facilities

342. Construction and operation of urban parking facilities

X. Education

343. Non-academic vocational training institutions

XI. Health and Social Services

344. Service institutions for seniors, the disabled and children

345. Nursing institutions for the aged

XII. Cultural, Sports and Entertainment Industries

346. Operation of performance sites

347. Operation of sports grounds and body-building, contest performance and sports training and intermediate services


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