Wuming lemon duck (武鸣柠檬鸭/Wuming Ningmengya)

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Lemon duck is a specialty of Nanning's Wuming district that can be traced back to the early 1980s. As its name suggests, it is made by cooking a duck with pickled lemon peel.

The traditional dish is very specific about ingredients and cooking methods. The ducks usually weigh about 1.5 kilos and are fed with husks of rice. They should first be chopped into pieces and stir-fried until medium rare.


Lemon duck, which consists of duck meat with a strong chili flavor and a refreshing lemon aroma, is extremely appetizing. [Photo/]

Condiments like pickled lemon, ginger, garlic, plum, and pepper, known as the soul of the dish, are put into the pot once the fowl begins to change color. They should simmer together until the duck is nearly well done. Salted beans and sesame oil are added before the duck is fully cooked through.

This process will result in meat that is crispy on top yet creamy and tender below. A strong chili flavor and refreshing lemon aroma make the dish particularly appetizing.


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