Jilin province plans for 'Changchun Economic Circle'

Updated: Feb 26, 2019 Print
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A plan to establish the "Changchun Economic Circle" was recently launched by People's Government of Jilin Province. The plan covers 35 counties and districts in the province with an overall planning of the industrial layout. And it will connect Harbin Metropolitan Area, Shenyang Economic Zone, and the eastern region of Inner Mongolia together through a transport network covering northeast Asian countries including Russia, Japan, and South Korea. 

The planning area mainly includes Changchun, Jilin, Siping, Liaoyuan, Songyuan, Gongzhuling, and Meihekou. The area, which accounts for 84 percent of the province's GDP, has the richest higher education resources, as well as the most active economy with the highest density of cities and towns in Jilin province. 

As a core area, Changchun will focus on cultivating advanced manufacturing clusters such as advanced rail transit equipment and energy-saving new energy vehicles, as well as biomedicine, high-performance medical instruments, and precision instruments. Jilin, Songyuan, Siping, Liaoyuan, Meihekou, and other node cities will accelerate the construction of automobile, petrochemical, medical health, and new materials, with distinctive regional characteristics.

To promote the development of "Changchun Economic Circle", Jilin province will speed up the construction of expressways and high-speed railways, as well as improve the capacity of its airports. Through this, the province expects to strengthen the cooperation of key regions in northeast China, as well as build a channel connecting the northeast border to interact with more northeast Asian countries.

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