Ningming sand cake (宁明沙糕/Ningming Shagao)

Updated: Feb 25, 2019 Print
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In the downtown of Ningming County, it's easy to find Haiyuan sand cake, Nakan sand cake, and Mingjiang sand cake. The traditional Guangxi snack is cooked with sesame, sesame oil, cooked oil, sugar and fine glutinous rice flour. All of the ingredients are pressed into the large wooden lattice to form a wide flat shape, and then divided into a uniform small block with a lattice knife. When eating the cake, you can feel it melting in your mouth. The cake has become a must-buy gift during Spring Festival. The most famous sand cake is made by Zhangji Sand Cake in Haiyuan Town, Ningming County. During the Jiaqing emperor's reign in the Ming Dynasty, the sand cake in Haiyuan town became a tribute to the emperor. Among them, the sand cake made by Zhang Xiaorui was the best, and it has since become famous.

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