Fried fresh-water snails (炒田螺/Chaotianluo)

Updated: Feb 25, 2019 Print
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Fried fresh-water snails [Photo/VCG]

The dish of fried fresh-water snails is originally from Guangdong and Guangxi. But it became really popular in Nanning's Chengxiang. To cook delicious fried snails, we must first process the snails correctly: put them into clean water for a few days to let them spit out the mud inside their bodies. And then, break the tips of their tails with a knife, peel the lids and put them into the pot. Add a little bit of cooking oil, salt, ginger, cooking wine and other ingredients to the pot, mix them together and fry them for a moment to remove the fishy smell. And then add water and boil the ingredients thoroughly. And finally, add some basil, snakegourd fruit, shallot, garlic, sour bamboo shoots, beer if desired as some oil and salt. The dish can then be served. The fresh and crispy snails as well as the tasty soup nourish yin and reduce fire within the body.

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