Yangtaishan Forest Park

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Yangtaishan Forest Park 

Located in the northwest of Shenzhen, Yangtaishan Forest Park is one of the city's top eight sightseeing sites . Covering a total area of 28.52 square kilometers and featuring the 581.7-meter-high main peak Yangtai Mountain, the park is a popular nature getaway in Shenzhen’s bustling urban metropolis.

There are several reservoirs around Yangtaishan Forest Park, including Shiyan Reservoir and Tiegang Reservoir in the west, and Xili Reservoir in the south. In addition, Laiwushan Reservoir, Gaofeng Reservoir, Lengshuikeng Reservoir, Shipo Reservoir, and Jianfeng Reservoir are located in the park.


Yangtaishan Forest Park 

Abundant rainfall and mild climate make Yangtai Mountain an important source for rivers in Shenzhen. Yangtai Mountain possesses rich resources in physiography, hydrology, and biology. The waterfall in Yangtai Mountain provides a splendid scene. The 10 meters wide water falls down from 10 meters' high peak, stirring up silver sprays in the deep lake. Yangtai Mountain is extremely beautiful under the autumn sky.


Yangtaishan Forest Park 

Yangtai Mountain also boasts the reputation of "Hero Mountain". During the War of Resistance against Japan, Yangtai Mountain served as a crucial territory. Numerous cultural celebrities like celebrated author Mao Dun and renowned painter He Xiangning and other patriots were rescued and transferred to Yangtai Mountain for shelter. The human backstory of the mountain is of equal value with its natural resource.

Address: Longyanshan Village, Longteng Road, Shiyan Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen

Note: As this mountain is not easy for people to hike, visitors should be well prepared before starting the trip. Wearing comfortable shoes and packing enough food are essential. Most important, visitors should always stay with their companions and avoid venturing into the wild area.

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