Fantawild Culture-Tech Industry Zone, Wuhu

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Fantawild Culture-Tech Industry Zone, Wuhu

(芜湖方特旅游区 wú hú fāng tè lǚ yóu qū)

Visitors at Wuhu Fantawild Culture-Tech Industry Zone [Photo/VCG]

At 1.25 million square meters in size on the outskirts of Wuhu in Anhui province, Wuhu Fantawild Culture-Tech Industry Zone, dubbed a "Made-in-China Disneyland", is the world's largest theme park by land area.

Located in the Jiujiang district of Wuhu city, the zone houses a creative space, an animation studio and a game center. There are currently four parks in the zone that are open for visits: Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland, Fantawild Water Park, and Fantawild Oriental Heritage. These have greatly boosted tourism in East China.

The park contains 15 zones, including Sunshine Plaza, Fanta Walk, Fisherman’s Wharf, Space Journey, Mystical Valley, Lost Empire, and Dino Peninsula.

As an amusement park with many themed attractions, it offers various entertainments to visitors, including the Sky Sailor, a world top-ranking entertainment item which simulates flying; Space Scheduled Flight, a large space flight simulation program; and Solomon's Seal, the first large multi-water-curtain adventure item in Asia.

People can try an array of wonderful things, such as riding a cartoon train, seeing fake dinosaurs and watching 4D films with images of Egypt and Beijing's Forbidden City.

Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is equipped with many high-tech recreational facilities such as automation, digital imagery and digital video. The cutting-edge technology of the attractions helped the theme park's attendance top 3 million in just 18 months.

The park offers a translink system, which means patrons can try all items in the park as long as they have bought the ticket at the entrance.

Wuhu Fantawild Culture-Tech Industry Zone is dubbed a "Made-in-China Disneyland". [Photo/VCG]
Wuhu Fantawild Adventure is equipped with many recreational facilities. [Photo/VCG]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: all year

Opening hours: 9: 30 -17: 30 (weekdays)
9: 00 -18: 00 (weekends)

Ticket price: 240 yuan ($35)

Address: Fanta Huanle Rd, Jinghu district, Wuhu city, Anhui province

Website: (Chinese)

Free touring buses are available in the zone.

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