Sanqing Mountain, Jiangxi province

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Sanqing Mountain, Shangrao

(三清山旅游景区 sān qīng shān lyǔ yóu jǐng qū)

Beautiful scene of Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/]

Sanqing Mountain, located in northeast of Shangrao, is a World Natural Heritage, National Scenic Area, World Geo-park and State 5A Tour Zone. Its three peaks of Yujing, Yuxu and Yuhua evoke the names of the three supreme Taoism gods of Yuqing, Shangqing and Taiqing sitting upon the mountain.

Sanqing Mountain National Park displays a unique array of forested, fantastically shaped granite pillars and peaks concentrated in a relatively small area. The remarkable granite rock formations combine with diverse forest, near and distant vistas, and striking meteorological effects to create an exceptional landscape.

The scenic area covers a total of 229.5 square kilometers. There are a thousand peaks competing in their beauty, tens of thousands of streams pouring into pools, ancient trees growing thick with rare birds and animals flying and creeping among them. It is also a famous mountain in Taoism, with more than 1,600 years of history.

There are six main scenic spots, including Longevity Garden Scenic Spot, Yujing Peak Scenic Spot, Sanqing Temple Scenic Spot, Sunshine Seashore, West Seashore, and Nanqing Park. Its unique peaks and stones created by nature have long appealed to Taoist belief of self-cultivation and longevity, with its appearance of a natural bonsai. Yujing Peak is the highest peak within Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area, at an elevation of 1,819.9 meters. Standing at the top of Yu Jing peak, visitors can take in a breathtaking sight overviewing the splendid mountains and valleys, as well as magnificent and gorgeous clouds, fog, sunrise, and sunset. Nanqing Park is famous for its peculiar peaks and delicate rocks.

Sanqing Temple Scenic Spot has more than 230 ancient buildings and heritage sites, such as temples, palaces, mansions, lanes, springs, pools, bridges, tombs, terraces, towers and so on. It is a good place to research Taoist ancient architectural design in China, as is known as the “open-air museum of China ancient Taoist architecture.”

Sunrise of the West Seashore in Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/]
Winter snowscape of Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: All year round

Opening hours: Feb- Dec: 6:00- 17:30, January: 8:30- 16:30

Ticket: 150 yuan ($21.80)

Address: Shangrao, Jiangxi Province

Website: (Chinese) (English)

1.Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountain.
2.Buy travel insurance.

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