Mingyue Mountain, Yichun

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Mingyue Mountain, Yichun

(宜春市明月山旅游区 yí chūn shì míng yuè shān lyǔ yóu qū)

Yungu Bathing in Moonlight is sculptured according to the image of Empress of Emperor Xiaozong in the Southern Song Dynasty. [Photo/]

Located 15 kilometers southwest of Yichun city, Jiangxi province, the Yichun Mingyue Mountain Tourism Area is a national 5A tourist attraction, a national forest park, a national geological park, and a national natural heritage site. It covers an area of 104 square kilometers and it is composed of 12 peaks, with the main peak of Taiping Mountain reaching 1,735.6 meters high.

The tourism area includes Moon Lake, Tangjia Mountain Scenic Spot, Qingyun Scenic Spot, Taiping Mountain Scenic Spot, Yang Mountain Scenic Spot and Yujing Mountain Scenic Spot. It is themed by moon culture and mainly characterized by Zen culture and farming culture. It is a mountainous tourism area integrating ecotourism, recreational resort and religious tourism.

Mingyue Mountain Tourist Area keeps the annual average temperature of 12-15 C, and the annual average precipitation of 1,800 - 2,000mm, thus making it suitable for the growth of a variety of animal and plants.

Mingyue Mountain Tourism Area built a handcrafted creations garden at the foot of the mountain, showing ancient farming technology, traditional handmade skills, and Chinese farming culture. It has three parts: the exhibition hall, the tour participating hall, and the performing hall. It uses modern science and technology to exhibit ancient agriculture and manual civilization in Yichun to provide tourists with more interesting programs.

Mingyue Mountain Tourist Area combines the moon culture with religion culture and farming culture, to create a cultural conception of mountain, religion, farming and the moon.

Moon Lake in Mingyue Mountain Tourism Area [Photo/]
Qingyun Plank Road is located at the peak of Mingyue Mountain with a total length of 3,100 meters. [Photo/]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: All year round

Opening Hours: 7:30- 16:30 (Spring & Summer), 8:00- 16:00 (Autumn & Winter)

Ticket: 120 yuan ($17.40)

Address: Tanxia Village, Wentang Town, Yichun, Jiangxi Province

Website: (Chinese) (English)

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