Baishi (Whitestone) Mountain, Baoding

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Baishi Mountain Scenic Spot, Baoding

(保定市白石山景区 bǎo dìng shì bái shí shān jǐng qū)

Scenery in Baishi (Whitestone) Mountain Scenic Spot in Baoding, Hebei province [Photo/VCG]

Baishi Mountain Scenic Spot, covering 54 square kilometers, is located in the northernmost part of Taihang Mountains and is 15 kilometers south to Laiyuan county, Baoding city, North China’s Hebei province.

Baishi literarily means white stone in Chinese. The mountain with a 7,000 meters long ridge line and 2,096 meters high summit features numerous white marble oddly-shaped rocks, steep cliffs and deep valleys. During summer and autumn, the fog at high altitudes turns the mountain into a fairyland.

Covered with dense vegetation, the scenic spot is also home to multiple wild animals, making it one of three core biodiversity areas in the province.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: summer and autumn

Recommended Duration For A Visit: one day

Opening Hours: 8:00-16:00

Ticket Price: 98 yuan
Glass walkway: 10 yuan
One-way tour bus: 30 yuan

Free admission for children under 1.2 meters, visitors over 70 years old and the disabled with valid certificates (ID or passport)

Discounted 50 yuan tickets for children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters, visitors between 60 and 69 years old, the disabled and full-time students with valid certificates

Address: 15 km south of Laiyuan county, Baoding, Hebei province.

Website: (Chinese) (English)

1. Cableway is available at the scenic spot.
2. In winter, several locations at the scenic spot will close.
3. Using public transportation, it only takes two to three hours by bus from Beijing, Tianjin or Baoding to get to the scenic spot.

A glass walkway is built at the scenic spot, offering visitors an aerial view of the stunning scenery. [Photo/]
Sunrise scenery at the scenic spot [Photo/VCG]

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