Shahu Lake, Shizuishan

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Shahu Lake, Shizuishan

(石嘴山市沙湖旅游景区 shí zuǐ shān shā hú lyǔ yóu jǐng qū)

Shahu Lake Scenic Spot is one of the most unique destinations in Northwest China. [Photo/IC]

Shahu Lake, one of the top 10 destinations for holidays in Shizuishan city, Ningxia Hui autonomous region in Northwest China, is surrounded by lush marshlands and desert, and is known as the "pearl of the desert" along the Silk Road.

Located at the foothill of the Helan Mountain, Shahu Lake covers an area of 80.1 square kilometers, including 22.52 sq km of sand and 45 sq km of lake, integrating the beauty of a Jiangnan Watertown and the typical scenery seen beyond the frontier.

Each April, herons and egrets come to nest at Shahu Lake. Black swans, geese and ducks also find their home near the lake.

Apart from enjoying Omega-3-rich fish, visitors can try speed boating and parasailing.The beach near the lake, the location of the 1995 movie A Chinese Odyssey, attracts a large number of visitors who want to take a look at the area where the film was shot.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: May to early October

Opening Hours: 8:30 -17:00 (Admission closes at 16:00.)

Ticket Price: 50 yuan ($7.32)

Free Tickets:

① Children below 6 years old or below 1.2 meters;

② Disabled persons, active servicemen, retired army officers, journalists and those aged 60 or above with valid certificate.

Half Price: 

① Minors between the ages of 7 and 18;

② Full-time university bachelor or junior degrees with registered student ID card.

Address: Shahu Lake Scenic Spot, Pingluo county, Shizuishan city, Ningxia Hui autonomous region



1. Drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturized as the air is dry on-site.

2. Protect yourself from sunburn.

3. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sand.

4. The scenic area has been closed temporarily as of Oct 11, 2018.Visitors can get more up-to-date information on the official website.

Visitors can take camel rides through the sandy desert. [Photo/IC]
Shahu Lake, the desert wetlands, expects to receive 20,000 tourists during the summer season. [Photo/]

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