Volcano and Thermal Sea, Tengchong

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Volcano and Thermal Sea, Tengchong

(腾冲火山热海旅游区 téng chōng huǒ shān rè hǎi lyǔ yóu qū)

"Large boiling pot (Dagunguo)" at the Thermal Sea Scenic Area [Photo/SIPA]

Tengchong county in southwest China's Yunnan province is a hidden gem among the province's growing list of tourism destinations. Tengchong is famous for its geothermal energy, being one of China’s three geothermal regions, with more than 80 hot springs where the highest temperature reaches 96.3 degrees centigrade. The Thermal Sea, or Rehai in Chinese, is located in the center of geothermal region in the county.

The king of Rehai's hot springs is known as the "Boiling Pot". As the heat is too much for the human body to withstand, the "Boiling Pot" has been adapted to boil food such as eggs and peanuts, which are then served as snacks to tourists who emerge from the area's surrounding hot springs.

The other main draw for Tengchong is the volcanoes, which number nearly one hundred, and the traditional villages of the Lisu ethnic minority. Each village enjoys its own hot spring.

The scenic area is built around the scattered hot springs, all of which have their own distinctive mineral content. The open air springs are surrounded by seasonal blooms of flowers and a view of green mountains looming in the distance.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Opening Hours: 8:00 – 21:00 in summer; 8:00 – 20:00 in winter

Ticket Price: 132 yuan ($19.16) for package; 78 yuan for Thermal Sea Scenic Area; 54 yuan for Volcano Scenic Area

Address: Tengchong county, Baoshan, Yunnan province

Tel: +86-875-5133333

1. DO NOT touch boiling springs in case of accidental scalding.
2. Hourly buses arrive at Tengchong from Kunming. Public buses, hired bicycles or cars can take you around the area if you have enough time to explore. You can take a bus from the local bus station to Rehai Park.

Volcano and Thermal Sea Scenic Area in Tengchong [Photo/IC]
Thermal Sea Scenic Area [Photo/IC]

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