Simian Mountain, Jiangjin

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Simian Mountain, Jiangjin

(四面山景区 sì miàn shān jǐnɡ qū)

An autumn view of Simian Mountain in Jiangjin district, southwest China's Chongqing. Located about 130 kilometers from the downtown area, the tourist destination is a natural wonderland featuring forests, rivers and waterfalls. [Photo/]

Located in the southwestern suburb of Chongqing, Simian Mountain was promoted as a national 5A-level scenic area in 2015 for its unique landform, regional culture and primitive ecology. It's dubbed by the International Association for Ecology as "the natural gene bank."

Covering more than 213 square kilometers, Simian Mountain consists of eight major scenic zones, including five major attractions (Wangxiang Stand, Tudi Rock, Longtan Lake, Honghai and Pearl Lake), three currently undeveloped spots (Shuikou Temple, Ping Mountain and Dawopu Primitive Forest) and 128 scenic sites scattered over the area.

Thanks to its favorable climate and sufficient rainfall, the mountain is covered by sub-tropical broad-leaf trees, with a green coverage of 95.8 percent. It's inhabited by over 2,600 species of rare plants and protected animals, including thorned cyathea spinulosa, Chinese double-fan fern, Chinese goose-palm catalpa, rana adenopleura, Chinese merganser, giant salamander and macaque. It is thus reputed by specialists from the International Association for Ecology as "the natural gene bank."

Also known as "the hometown of waterfalls," Simian Mountain owns three waterfalls above 100 meters, 11 above 80 meters, 37 above 50 meters and dozens in other heights. Wangxiang Stand Waterfall, the highest waterfall in China, is 158 meters high, almost doubling that of the famous Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou province.

A night view of Wangxiang Stand Waterfall, one of the most popular natural landscapes decorated by modern technologies, in Simian Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/]
Simian Mountain boasts breathtaking scenery combining green peaks and rosy clouds.[Photo/IC]

Simian Mountain carves the most typical Danxia landscape, which came from uneven mixture of iron and calcium during the crustal movement in the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous periods. The crustal movement endowed Simian Mountain with many geological miracles, including Tudi Rock, which climbs up to 127 meters and covers an area of almost 50,000 square meters.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Address: 90 km south to Jiangjin district, Chongqing

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Ticket Price: 110 yuan ($16) during peak season (from February to October) and 60 yuan during off season (November to January)

Web: (Chinese)

Tel: +86-23-47666559


1. The regional average temperature is 13.7 degrees.

2. Simian Mountain is a vast area so it's recommended to take a sightseeing bus.

3. Dial +86-23-47773999 to make hotel reservation, given that you would like to stay overnight for a thorough visit.

4. Recommended local specialties include selenium-rich kiwi wine and slow-roasted eggs.

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