One day in ancient Changsha

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An ancient town from the South Chu Dynasty, Nanchu Gudu, located in Changsha county, is a popular recreation area. Here is the perfect itinerary for a one-day tour.

10:30 AM



Before entering the ancient town, you first have to exchange your money in the bank at the east gate for the special currency that you can use to shop, eat, and play there.

10:40 AM


As you enter the east gate, all kinds of special snacks are arranged in turn waiting for you to have a try. Xiang embroidery, nuclear carving, laser engraving, antiques, and ancient costumes are also available.

11:30 AM


Snow appreciation in the ancient town always attracts lots of tourists, so you may need to come ahead of time to get the best spot.

Snow time: 11: 45 / 14: 15 / 21: 15

12:00 PM


Here you can have delicious Hunan food, such as Xiangbin spring roll, Kouwei shrimp, Changsha-style rice vermicelli, smelly bean curd, coin-shaped meat pie, Liuyang huibing and more.

13:30 PM


After lunch, it’s time to watch the show. Performances include tea shows, erhu solos, flute solos, guzheng, classical sleeve dances, Sichuan opera art face and more.

Show Times: 11:10, 13:50, 15:20, 16:50, 19:20, 20:30 (Mon-Fri)

                     11:10, 13:40, 15:00, 16:30, 18:20, 19:40, 21:10 (Sat to Sun) 

Tickets: 30 RMB

14:25 PM


One thing you cannot miss is the waterwheel. The waterwheel embodies the creativity and wisdom of the ancient Chinese people. Here in the town, you can learn how to use it.

Tickets: 20

15:40 PM


In Bagua Palace, you can hang your wishes on the vows tree, or put your wishes in the vows pool. Tickets or ancient clothes hiring will give you access to the palace where you can have a chance to see the ancient palace scene.

Tickets/Rent: 30

16:00 PM


At this time, you need to speed up to the building in front of the cultural wall. The princess of South Chu will find herself a husband by throwing hydrangea balls and the couple will take a carriage traveling in the town. Tourists can also sign up for the show, including couples and single people. 

Time: 16:08

16:30 PM


If you like handicrafts, you can go the manual workshop. Here in the town, not only can you take away the natural food, but you can also do it yourself, experience the joy of the ancients, and use your hands and wisdom to create delicacies.

17:30 PM

Here comes our last stop, the space-time tunnel. Through the time-space tunnel you will go to a Hong Kong-style street, where you can enjoy dinner and shop.

Other entertainments are also available near the ancient town.

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