Road trip to Xuefeng Mountain

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The 2018 Huaihua Eco-cultural Tourism Festival is about to open on Nov 22 to promote self-drive tours to the famous Xuefeng Mountain. Here is a travel guide for those who fancy taking a road trip this autumn.

Day 1: 

1.Nanmuqiao Rural Tourism Area

Nanmuqiao village is a well-known Miao village in Hunan province. The tourism area, covering an area of 8,200 mu (546.7 hectares) with a green rate of up to 93.75 percent, is composed of the Nanmuqiao Pioneer Park of college student village officials, Baokuling Reservoir and the Cultural Revolution Reservoir.

Recreation projects are also planned to construct a rural tourism area, including ecological orchards, Miao custom gardens, modern farms, a water amusement center, fishing fields, and a ropeway.

2.Dayou Academy

Dayou academy, located at the foot of Dayou Mountain with a total area of 1,266 mu, was reconstructed on the site founded in the Qing dynasty (1636-1912). Now it consists of a Chinese studies museum, a calligraphy and painting academy, a health club, a celebrity hall, a cultural exhibition gallery and more.

In addition, the Youzhuang Picking Garden near the academy is also a good place for visiting. It is a five-star Hunan province rural tourism area and a comprehensive park of modern agriculture suitable for tourism and living.

3.Wubaotian Ancient Village

Wubaotian Ancient Village is a place with high historical and cultural value. Beautiful landscape scenery, profound Yao culture, and ancient folk houses are all interwoven, giving the locale a unique charm.

Day 2:

1.Chuanyan Mountain Scenic Spot

At this scenic spot between Xuefeng Mountain and Wuling Range, you can see the misty beauty of the clouds, enjoy mountain scenery and sunsets, spend time in the natural spring water of the boundless swimming pool on the top of the mountain, appreciate the magic skill of the Yao people in ancient rhyme, and stroll along old tea-trading routes.

2.Shanbei Huayao Terrace

Shanbei Huayao Terrace is on the north side of the Xuefeng Mountain and boasts the highest fields above sea level with a history of more than one thousand years. It has nearly 800 steps, making the altitude increase from 300 meters to 1,500 meters. This is the best place to enjoy the beautiful terrace view as well as the China’s Yao culture.

3.Simeng Town

Simeng town, located at the riverside of the Xushui River, has a 30 square kilometer Danxia landscape of indescribable wonder and magnificence. Qu Yuan (340–278 BC), a poet who lived during the Warring States period of ancient China, wrote masterpieces after he traveled here.

Day 3:

1.Youshui River Gallery

The Youshui River Gallery is located in Yuanling county, Huaihua. It intertwines the fantastic Karst landscapes, the crude life of the boatmen, and the mysterious Tujia customs. Tourists can even live in water boat houses.

2.Jiemuxi National Reserve

Located in the west of Hunan, Jiemuxi is a natural sports ground with unique scenery, combining hiking, cave exploration, rock climbing, fast landing, drifting and other outdoor activities. The plants in this area are diverse and Karst landscapes can be found everywhere. There are also a large number of rare animals living in the valley, giving tourists the opportunity to see rare exotic animals such as Pacific baza, Reeves’s pheasant, eagles and pangolins.

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