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The Buluotuo Folk Cultural and Tourism Festival 

The Buluotuo Folk Cultural and Tourism Festival kicks off every April at Ganzhuang Mountain in Tianyang County with a variety of activities such as an opening ceremony, a night cultural show, a folk sacrifice ritual, a singing contest of the Zhuang ethnic mountain songs, a sporting event, a press conference for cultural research results and other commercial presentations.  

The Buluotuo sacrifice activity is a key part of the festival. The Gexu (singing contest) of the Ganzhuang Mountain in Tianyang could date back to the days before the Sui and Tang dynasties (581-907 AD). In 2002, experts on Zhuang studies found that there are a large number of cultural heritages on Buluotuo including the 1000-year-old Gexu, folk customs and spontaneous sacrifices. Many experts believe that Ganzhuang Moutain is a major cradle for the Buluotuo culture of the Zhuang ethnic group. 

The Mountain Song Festival in Yangxu township

The Mountain Song Festival is held every April in Yangxu township in the Youjiang district of Baise city. The festival attracts millions of visitors with its rich and colorful activities such as the Zhuang ethnic show, a sport competition, a mountain song singing contest, long-jumping, throwing embroidered balls, and contests for double-carrying of sugar cane and breaking off corn cobs.

The Ziyuan Lantern Festival

The Ziyuan Lantern Festival has a long history. The event covers many activities including a singing contest of mountain songs, a competition for designing and making river lanterns, exhibitions of the lanterns, displays of agricultural products and promotion of the northern Guangxi folk customs street. During the Zhongyuan Festival, or Hungry Ghost Festival, which falls on July 14 of the Chinese lunar calendar, people take part in a unique and solemn sacrifice ritual -- drifting the river lanterns -- to worship ancestors and pray for peace and happiness.

The Mulam Yifan Cultural Festival in Luocheng

The Mulam Yifan Cultural Festival is held at the ethnic cultural square of the Luocheng Mulam autonomous county in November every three years. Mulam bamboo balls, grass and dragon dances, grabbing zongba and cat and lion shows are exhibited as Mulam ethnic cultural performances. Other activities include a shuttlecock competition, iron hooping, and xiuqiu throwing – the game uses a special ball made of strips of silk which were used for choosing husbands in ancient China. Organized by villages or clans, the festival is a big event for Mulam ethnic people to celebrate good harvests, show gratitude and pray for blessings. The Mulam Yifan Cultural Festival was listed in the first collection of intangible cultural heritages under national protection in 2006.

The Pingxiang International Cultural and Tourism Festival 

The Pingxiang International Cultural and Tourism Festival is held in Pingxiang city, a border area between China and Vietnam. It presents charming and colorful scenery to visitors from home and abroad through a series of activities such as evening art shows, a private tour to the border area of China and Vietnam, a friendly match on bicycles, a food carnival and a calligraphy and painting exhibition.   

The Lijiang River Fishing and Fire Festival in Yangshuo

Yangshuo County has been the host venue of the Lijiang River Fishing and Fire Festival since 1999. The festival has three major fires - a "Fishing Fire", "Fireworks", and a "bonfire" - and other activities such as art and folk cultural shows, fine arts and calligraphy exhibitions, photography shows, ball games and a bicycle competition.


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