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Fuzhou Foreign Language School

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Fuzhou Foreign Languages School (FFLS) is a foreign language middle school. It originated from Trinity College Foochow, a private missionary school founded in 1907 by Trinity College Dublin of Ireland. In October, 1952, it was taken over by the government and officially named Fuzhou No.9 Middle School, operated then as a new-type public school. In July 1993, the government renamed it as Fuzhou Foreign Language School.

Now FFLS is the only public foreign language school in Fuzhou. It is located at 39 Park Road, Cangshan District and occupies 29,726 square meters with a total floor space of 29,496 square meters.

FFLS has been maintaining partnerships with a number of renowned foreign schools, including Naha Kaminoyama Middle School in Japan, Anglican High School in Singapore, Gymnasium Weierhof Middle School in Germany and Gilbert Middle School in the US.

FFLS is also well-known for its football in Fuzhou. In 1911, when Mr.Pakenham Walsh founded Trinity College Foochow, modern football from Britain was brought into the campus as well, which made it the birthplace of Fuzhou's modern football.

Address: No 39, Park road, Cangshan district, Fuzhou

Tel: +86-0591-83470025

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