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Fujian FTZ explores ways of reform based on local conditions

Updated: Aug 15, 2018 Print
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The launch of a cross-Straits inspection and quarantine data exchange center made the bilateral connection and real-time transmission of customs data between Fujian FTZ and Taiwan possible, which will cut down seven workdays for the import of Taiwan commodities. The procedure of submitting the certificate of origin was also simplified. The paper version of the certificate is not required after the Fujian customs receiving electronic ones from its Taiwan counterpart. This paperless customs clearance model between Fujian and Taiwan solves the problem of commodity arriving but the certificate not arriving. The lab test for Taiwan-produced consumer goods such as diapers and clothes can be avoided when they provide test results given by testing organizations recognized by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation …… The launch of various trade facilitation measures attracts Taiwan commodities to enter the mainland's market via Fujian ports.

Statistics showed that 90 percent of fruits imported from Taiwan entered the mainland via Fujian ports and the import and export trade ratio between Fujian and Taiwan increased by 24.3 percent in the first half of 2017.



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