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Jiangsu Institute of Commerce

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Jiangsu Institute of Commerce (JIC) is one of the national key vocational colleges in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Its origin can be tracked back to 1952, when it was founded as Zhenjiang Commerce School in Southern Jiangsu Province. This showed the business education beginning financed and managed by Communist Party of China (CPC) and Government. Then, it evolved as Jiangsu Institute of Business Management Cadres after innovation and being merged with other units. In 2002, Jiangsu Institute of Commerce was established on the joint base of Jiangsu Institute of Business Management Cadres and Commerce School of Jiangsu Province. At present, JIC consists of two campuses such as Jiangning and Guanghua. Its total area is over 66 hectares. It includes ten schools, one department and one basic unit. The number of full-time students in JIC is over 12000.         

JIC has made much education achievement and has also won many reputation titles, such as Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress in Jiangsu Province, Harmonious Campus in Jiangsu High Education, Jiangsu Security Campus, Outstanding Unit of CPC Grass-root Organizations in Jiangsu High Education, Outstanding Unit of Faculty Construction in Jiangsu High Education, Outstanding Unit of Ideological and Political Work for College Students in Jiangsu Province, Model Unit for Graduate Employment in Jiangsu Province, the Model Unit for College Student Entrepreneurship Training in Jiangsu Province, The Outstanding Education Unit in Jiangsu Province, The Model Staff Unit in Jiangsu Province, The Outstanding Unit of Jiangsu Vocational skill competition.

Now JIC is awarded as “School for Bringing up Elites in the Commercial Circle in Jiangsu Province”, and has been developed into a national demonstration model (key) institute in higher vocational Education for training practical,High-skilled and technology-oriented managerial talents.

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