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Jiangsu Tongzhouwan Shitong International School

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Tongzhouwan Shitong International School was invested by Jiangsu Shitong education and technology Co Ltd. The school has an international education field of vision and the advantages of China's basic education.

Thanks to the superior policy advantage of the national Tongzhou Bay Jianghai combination development demonstration zone and its advantageous geographical location and fundamental infrastructure the school is confident in its plans to build a unique and excellent basic education resource service platform in China, and to create a systematic international education service system based on the education resources of Jiangsu Shitong education and technology Co Ltd.

The school has a unique 12-year model that includes primary, middle school and senior high school education at an international level. The school provides overall regional education hosting services, as well as high quality education resources for primary and secondary schools, and promotes advanced scientific education research. It offers bilingual education with strengthened listening, speaking, reading and writing in the second language, and also cultivates an aggressive and creative approach to courses that target internationalization.  

With a planned area of 150 mu (about 10 hectares) and a building area of 23,200 square meters, the school can accommodate more than 2,000 students. It also has a playground of 12,600 square meters and an indoor stadium of 3,200 square meters.

Official WeChat account: shitongedu

Tel: +86-513-85595958 / +86-513-80677903 / +86-513-80677921 / +86-13861907449

QQ number: 337687389


Address: No 88, Donghai Avenue, Tongzhou Bay Jianghai combination development demonstration zone, Nantong, Jiangsu province

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