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Researchers study in a lab. [Photo/VCG]

Hainan is the youngest province in China. It grew from the grand occasion of "100,000 talents crossing the strait" in its early days, and is growing now from the magnificent feat of "1,000,000 talents entering Hainan action plan".

At present, Hainan has nearly 1.3 million talents, of whom nearly 50,000 are high-level. With its unique ecological environment, Hainan attracts more than 100,000 "migratory bird" talents every year, over 30 percent at the top of their professions.

Known as the "Nanfang Silicon Valley", Nanfang base in Sanya has successively produced a group of leading scientists including Yuan Longping, the "father of hybrid rice", and Li Denghai, the "king of maize". A large number of oceanic talents have gathered in Sanya and successfully completed many world-renowned scientific investigation tasks, such as creating a 10,000-meter profile of man-made earthquakes in the Mariana Trench and conducting the sea trials of the "Deep-sea Warrior". After the completion of the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center, national aerospace elites gathered here and completed such major tasks as launching the Long March-7 and Long March-5 rockets. The Wenchang Satellite Launch Center has become the main launch base for China's new generation of launch vehicles.

Business thrives on talents, and talents gather for business. Hainan will implement talent policies which are more active, open and effective. Focusing on the three major industry types in the pilot free trade zone, 10 key areas, 12 key industries, "five network" infrastructure construction, ecological civilization construction, rural development, and people's livelihoods, Hainan will actively introduce and cultivate all kinds of talents and strive to realize the goal of "one million talents entering Hainan" by 2025.

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