Jiangsu cuisine

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Jiangsu cuisine, also known as Su cuisine, is one of the Eight Culinary Traditions of Chinese cuisine. One of its major styles is Huaiyang cuisine, which is derived from the native cooking styles of cities such as Huai'an, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang. Huaiyang cuisine features aquatic food and delicate cutting techniques.

Jiangsu cuisine also consists of several other sub-regional styles, including Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Nantong styles.

Nanjing dishes emphasizes even taste and matching colors, with dishes incorporating river fish, shrimp and duck.

Suzhou style focuses on the selection of ingredients. It has a stronger taste than Nanjing style cuisine as well as a tendency to be sweeter than the other varieties of Zhejiang cuisine.

Wuxi cuisine is notable for a wide variety of freshwater products, such as the "three whites"–silverfish, whitefish and white shrimp.

Nantong dishes highlight fresh flavor from ingredients which cover a variety of seafood, since Nantong is located at the intersection of the local Hao River, the Yangtze River and the Yellow Sea.


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