Fried Whitebaits

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Fried Whitebaits [Photo from]    

The fried whitebait is one of the most famous dishes in Wuxi.

Whitebait is a kind of rare and precious freshwater fish in the lake of China's southeastern coast. As white as polished jade, it has delicate meat and few fish bones. Whitebaits from Taihu Lake are regarded as the most premium ones. According to history, whitebait has been taken as food as early as back in the Tang (AD618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties.

To cook delicious dish, it is necessary to choose quality whitebaits from Taihu Lake as its main ingredient, pickle them in advance to be tastier and then fry the whitebaits coated with paste. The nutritious dish is featured with a plump appearance, light yellow color, crisp exterior and tender fish meat. It has a dainty and agreeable flavor and will taste better if accompanied by some seasonings.


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