Great ways suggested to cruise around Zhuhai by car

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Four boutique travel routes for motoring vacations in and around the coastal city of Zhuhai are being recommended by the Guangdong Tourism Promotion Center.

Urban trip

Route: Shijing Mt (Jida) -- Lovers Avenue Tourism Belt (Jida) -- Fisher Maiden statue (Jida) -- New Yuanming Palace (Gongbei) -- Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (Hengqin)

This route affords a close look at the city's iconic tourism sites, and introduces the ultimate culinary experience of Wanzai's Seafood Street combined with cultural exploration and circus entertainment.


Fisher Maiden

Nature tour

Route: Doumen District

(Day 1) Nan'ao Village -- Dong'ao Village -- Shili Lianjiang Scenic Spot -- Luyi Ancestral Hall -- Ocean Spring Resort

(Day 2) Paishan Old Village -- Wangshan Old Village -- Wetland Park (Huafa One More Town)

This two-day travel will help urban dwellers escape city life. There are abundant hills, rivers, and unassuming rural households in which one can enjoy pastoral peace, picking fruit, farm experiences, and a few cultural delights. A good night's sleep is in order after partaking of the Japanese-style hot springs and delicacies at Ocean Spring Resort.


Ocean Spring Resort

Road trip to history

Route: Doumen District

Paishan Old Village -- Luyi Ancestral Hall -- Wangshan Old Village -- Crocodile Island

Luyi Ancestral Hall in Doumen District, an ancestral temple of a reputed family surnamed Zhao, is a treasure of Lingnan (Cantonese) cultures. This is evident in exquisite frescoes, oyster-shell walls, and unique architectural styles. Following the route, visitors will be immersed in centuries-old cluster architecture. The last venue provides better knowledge of crocodiles and close contact with wild animals such as ostriches, bears, peacocks, and monkeys.


Crocodile Island

Relaxed times

Route: Doumen District

Nan'ao Village -- Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park -- Shilong Village -- Lianjiang Village

Many urbanities look to relax and unwind from the fast pace of work at Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park where they can enjoy rare orchids and valuable Chinese herbal medicines such as Dendrobium officinale. Another not-to-be-missed spot is Shilong Village. It's one of the best flowery options all year due to its location in the core water conservation zone. Tourists are advised to take a slow stroll on country lanes in all the venues to savor truly oxygen-rich air.


Yifeng Ecological Health Care Park [Photos courtesy WeChat account (ID: visitgd)]

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