Mount Huaguo Scenic Area

Updated: Jun 15, 2018 Print
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The Mount Huaguoshan Scenic Area, located in the south of Lianyungang, is a popular tourist attraction due to its appearance in the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The mountain has over 100 attractions and many statues based on heroes in the novel, such as a sculpture of the head of Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), one of the novel's leading characters, who was also said to have been born on the mountain.

Other attractions related to Sun Wukong include Monkey Stone, Water Curtain Cave, Sanyuan Palace, Yuvu Peak and the South Gate of Heaven.

The mountain is rich in wild plants, with more than 1,700 varieties on record, of which 1,190 can be put to medical use.

Grade: AAAAA

Address: 5 Yulin Rd, Haizhou district, Lianyungang

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