Chinese Milu Park

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Chinese Milu Park [Photo/]

Located in Dafeng, Yancheng, Jiangsu province, the Chinese Milu Park is a national milu nature reserve built in 1986.

Milu, also known as Pere David's deer, is a species of deer that is endangered in the wild.

The reserve is a good habitat for rare animals such as milu, white storks, and red-crowned cranes, and for thermophilic crops, thanks to its geological landform as a typical coastal wetland with a subtropical climate and warm temperatures.

It now has the world's largest milu population and has built the world's largest milu gene bank.

So far, the reserve has welcomed nearly 1 million visitors from more than 40 countries, among which 380,000 were teenagers.   

Grade: AAAAA

Address: Milu Nature Reserve, Dafeng, Yancheng

Tel: 0515-83391999


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