Three Mountains of Zhenjiang (Jinshan, Jiaoshan, and Beigushan)

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Three Mountains of Zhenjiang comprise Jinshan, Jiaoshan, and Beigushan. [Photo/]

The Three Mountains of Zhenjiang scenic area, consisting of Jinshan, Jiaoshan, Beigushan, is located in the urban area of Zhenjiang and covers 44 square kilometers.

Jinshan is known as the "Mountain of Myth" due to the legendary love story of Xu Xian, a man, and Bai Suzhen, a white snake that was transformed into a woman.

Jiaoshan is known as the "Mountain of Calligraphy" because the area has a large collection of ancient stone tablets and inscriptions, the most famous of which is an inscription on the precipice named Yihe Inscription.

Beigushan is known as the "Mountain of Three Kingdoms" because of a folk story about Liu Bei, an emperor in the Three Kingdoms period.

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