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Sino-Hungarian Borsod Industrial Zone

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4). Infrastructure

Energy-intensive industries such as bio-chemicals require a relatively large amount of investment in supporting facilities and have a long construction period. As of June 2016, a total of 603.3 million U.S. dollars had been invested in the infrastructure of the Cooperation Zone, and complete infrastructure and supporting facilities had been established:

1. There are 32 km of railway system, 25 km road network, 14.1 km fence nets;

2. There are a total of 47,739 meters of pipe networks of fire water and 2000 square meters per hour of industrial water purification, supply and drainage.

3. The Zone has one power plant, 36 substations, and 178,347 meters of main power network. The total electric power supply is 517 MW.

4. There are a total of seven natural gas stations and industrial gas generators in the Zone and the supply capacity of natural gas stands at 65,000 standard points per hour.

5. There are three heating stations with a steam supply capacity of 380 tons per hour.

6. There are a total of 22 public facilities including offices, medical facilities, catering, and hotels covering a floor area of 27,200 square meters.

7. The total floor area of factory buildings and warehouses is 57,400 square meters.

8. There is one integrated waste-water treatment plant, one sanitation station and two landfills.

9. There are 34 fire brigades and eight special fire-fighting vehicles.

10. There is one medical/emergency center and one ambulance. 

In the next 3-5 years, the cooperation zone will continue to invest significantly to improve and upgrade its infrastructure. 


 Transportation map of the Zone [Photo provided to]

5). Supporting services

There is an investment promotion office that provides commissioners to provide services such as investment promotion, negotiation, consultation and reception in both China and Hungary. Together with the Cooperation Zone, the HIPA provides one-stop services for attracting investment in the Zone. 

Relying on BC's established sales and procurement channels, as well as rich experience in engineering design and project management, the Cooperation Zone provides investors with professional consulting services in various fields and technical services including engineering design and bidding for the license and construction supervision according to the needs of investors.   

The Cooperation Zone has improved office facilities and supporting services, embracing one three-star hotel and one two-star hotel. Both local cuisine and authentic Chinese dishes are served in the hotels and the staff canteen.

The Cooperation Zone provides 24-hour security guard service using the Siemens security monitoring system. 

6). Contact information

Wanhua Industrial Group Co Ltd

Zhu Ming

Tel: +86-535-3388452

Mobile Phone (WeChat): +86-18953559612

Address: No. 17, Tianshan Road, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone

Zip Code: 264006


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