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Tianjin University is a National Key University directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. Its history can be traced back to Peiyang University, the first modern university in China, which was founded on October 2, 1895. It was renamed Tianjin University after the nationwide restructuring of colleges and departments in 1951. In 1959, Tianjin University was identified as one of the first of the 16 National Key Universities designated by the government, and it is also among the first group of institutions of higher learning to be included in the "211" and "985" Projects of national investment for developing world class universities.

With the mission of national revitalization and the motto of "Seeking Truth from Facts", TJU exercises rigorous academic scholarship with a strong sense of commitment. The people of TJU carry with them the legacy of Peiyang and strive to better both the institution and the nation. As the birth of TJU marked the beginning of great change to China's higher education, TJU’s progress towards a world-class university also embodies China's revival and the national efforts for achieving greatness. During the past 122 years, Tianjin University has made significant contributions to economic and social development, which must be due to its cultivation of a large number of high-level talents, and its outstanding achievements.

Education is the cornerstone of TJU. At its inception, TJU defined higher education with the goal of training talents for the pivotal roles in strengthening of the nation. For the past 122 years, TJU has cultivated more than 200,000 high-caliber talents with strong academic backgrounds and practical capabilities. Among them are the first Hague Tribunal jurist from China, Wang Ch'ung-Hui, the revolutionary Zhang Tailei, economist Ma Yinchu, missile and satellite expert Wu Ziliang, and chief designer of the Olympic Stadium "Bird Nest" Li Xinggang, just to name a few. Nowadays, TJU's educational strategies focus on developing students' social responsibility, global vision, innovation and practical capabilities. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship has also been incorporated into TJU's education, with emerging platforms for aspiring students to gain valuable experience. TJU graduates are now playing increasingly important roles in politics, the economy, business, science and technology, and education.

The university has two campuses, Weijin Campus and Peiyang Campus, which cover a total area of 3.83 million square meters. At present, TJU has 25 schools and colleges, 17,724 full-time undergraduate students, 12,932 master students, 4,222 doctoral students, 3,046 international students, and 4,595 faculty and staff members. There are 62 undergraduate programs, 37 first-level master's programs, 27 first-level doctoral programs, and 23 post-doctoral research programs.

Academic dispositions define the spirit of TJU. Outstanding educators and renowned scholars have always been the most valuable assets of the university. There are renowned experts such as the jurist Zhao Tianlin, bridge engineer Mao Yishen, mechanical expert Liu Xianzhou, chemical engineer Hou Debang, hydrologist Zhang Hanying and educator Li Shusen. However, people such as Prof. Yang Enze – who spent 72 devoted years to teaching students – also defines TJU's academic spirit. Currently, with the implementation of the "Faculty Development Strategy", a high-level faculty and staff team has been formulated. Ms Feng Cuiling, the respected Party Secretary from the School of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology, has demonstrated perfectly the harmony of a domestic Party Secretary working with a School Dean of foreign origin. The mentorship and expertise of our faculty and staff members paves the way for the students to become pillars for China and the world. 


Weijin Road Campus: No. 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin
Peiyang Park Campus: No.135 Yaguan Road, Haihe Education Park, Tianjin

Tel:(86)-022-27406691(students applicants)

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