One-Day Tour to Suixi and Lianjiang

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The Maliuliang village



The Hedi Reservoir


Duration of the Trip: One day

Trip Mode: Package Tour or Self-Driving

Where to Sign up for the Trip: Major travel agencies and hotels

Highlights of the Trip:

1. The Maliuliang Village is among the first batch of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Zhanjiang". It is the demonstration site of rural tourism in Zhanjiang.

2. Visit the Hedi Silver Lake in Lianjiang county, a national 3A tourist attraction, a key tourist attraction in Zhanjiang, and the patriotic education base in Guangdong.

3. Enjoy the famous local dish, "Fish Head Soup", prepared with the head of a variegated carp from the reservoir of Hechun town. It is tasty and good for health.


Downtown Zhanjiang — the Maliuliang village in Cuixi county — the Hedi Reservoir in Lianjiang — Downtown Zhanjiang (lunch is provided).

In the early morning, we headed for Cuixi County, the "sweetest county",(it is about a 90 minutes drive).

Firstly, we visited the Maliuliang village, (staying there for 2 hours) The Maliuliang village is a beautiful and tranquil village, six kilometers away from the county seat. There are 76 households with 423 residents in the village. The village has developed an integration of ecological agriculture and is one of the most beautiful villages in Zhanjiang. Here, tourists have an opportunity to purchase some sweet papayas or buy some hens/roosters/ducks or homegrown vegetables or fruits with their own money.

After that, we headed for Lianjiang, a beautiful place featuring green hills, fragrant flowers and various kinds of fruits (it is within a one-hour drive). At the Hechun Town, we were served a big lunch, and can taste the delicious fish head soup.

After lunch, we visited the Hedi Reservoir, the biggest reservoir in Guangdong (staying there for about 2 hours); an extra fee is charged for taking a boat trip on the lake). The Hedi Reservoir is a well-known tourist attraction in Zhanjiang. It is located in Lianjiang city, 75 kilometers away from Zhanjiang city.

Built in 1959, the reservoir is surrounded by two counties of Lianjiang, Huazhou in Guangdong, and two counties of Luchuan county and Bobai county in Guangxi. It has a drainage area of 1,440 square kilometers, a surface area of 122.6 square kilometers, and a storage capacity of 1.151 billion cubic meters. It is the second biggest reservoir in Guangdong province. The well-known Leizhou Youth Canal originates from here. The dam of the reservoir has 33 dikes. On the hill stands the Youth Pavilion, the horizontal board inscribed with three Chinese characters based on the handwriting of Guo Moruo (1892-1978), a Chinese scholar, writer, poet, and government official. Standing on the pavilion, you can take in a wonderful view of the reservoir: The water and the sky are of one hue; the reservoir is as vast as the open sea. There are numerous islets or islands, which used to be hills before the construction of the reservoir. The beautiful scenery is really impressive!

After that, we returned to downtown Zhanjiang, and that was the end of the trip.

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