​Procedure of annual inspection of foreign-funded enterprises

Updated: Apr 4, 2018 Print
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1. Online application;

2. Online pre-qualification (review whether the application materials comply with statutory requirements and whether the application can pass the pre-qualification);

3. Not qualified -- fail in pre-qualification;

4. Inform the applicant to modify application materials;

5. Pass the pre-qualification;

6. Inform the applicant to submit materials to the service counter on the spot;

7. The applicant submits materials on the spot;

8. Review on detailed information including pre-approval, term of business and irregularities;

9. The authority decides whether to approve the annual inspection;

10. Refusal--order the applicant to make rectification within a time limit;

11. Approval--Sealed with inspection stamp--Return the copy of business license--Filing--End.

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