Deyuan Steamed Stuffed Buns

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Deyuan Steamed Stuffed Buns [Photo/]

Though similar to baozi (steam stuffed buns) that are common throughout the rest of the country, Deyuan buns are usually — and quite uniquely — filled with sugar.

Deyuan baozi have lots of stuffing. The sweet fillings give the treat its varieties, featuring white sugar, rock candy, rose and osmanthus-flavored sugar. It has a refreshingly sweet but not cloying taste. The meat stuffing is always a mixture of pork, with dried mushrooms and jelly oil. Deyuan buns are characterized with thin skin but large fillings, pure whiteness, and a soft and elastic texture.

Nowadays, Deyuan baozi are known for eight different kinds of stuffing — Rose and Sugar, Dried Mushroom and Pork, Sugar and Salt Vegetables, Crystal Sugar, Sesame, Shrimp and Pork, Seashell and Pork, and Barbecued Pork.

Every morning, customers queue in front of the shop to buy the buns for breakfast.

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b) Address: No 39 Chengnan Middle Road, Tianxin district 

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