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Wuxi People’s Hospital

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Wuxi People's Hospital [Photo/]

As government hospital formed through an incorporation of three hospitals, including the former Wuxi People's Hospital, Wuxi Children's Hospital and Wuxi No. 5 People's Hospital, the new Wuxi People's Hospital stands at the southeast side of the junction between Qingyang Road and Jincheng Road (No. 299 Qingyang Road).

Located at the geometric center in downtown Wuxi, between Wuxi's Xinwu district and Wuxi New City, the hospital covers an area of 287.7 mu (19.8 hectares) and is equipped with 1500 beds. With reliance on advanced equipment and an elegant environment, the hospital focuses on medication, teaching, research, healthcare and recuperation, making it a high level medical institution in Wuxi as well as within the southern Jiangsu region. The hospital strives to serve as a leading modern comprehensive hospital with the honor of Grade three-A level, the highest level of hospital assessment in China.

Supported by Wuxi Municipal Committee and the Government with an invested capital of 2 billion yuan, Wuxi People's Hospital clearly leads as the top medical and healthcare service provider in Wuxi. Being humane, digital, ecological, modern and equipped with 3.0T Magnetic Resonance, double source CT, ECT, massive plate DSA and automated lab examination system, the hospital provides convenient and gracious service to citizens.

Wuxi People's Hospital has 58 clinic divisions, 15 diagnostic and treatment divisions, one key discipline at the provincial level (Organ Transplant Surgery-Lung Transplant), nine key divisions at the provincial level (Cardiovascular Division, Hematology Division, Endocrinology Division, Urinary Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Digestion Division, Image Division, Brain Surgery, Medical Inspection Division), five key divisions at the municipal level (Respiratory Division, Nephrology Division, Children Respiratory Division, Anesthesiology Division, Pathology Division), three key divisions developed by municipal hospital management center (Organ Transplant, Cardiac Surgery and Clinic Experiment Center).

The following are the functional zones of the hospital: Zone A (Administration, Recuperation and Physical Examination), Zone B (OPD Building), Zone C (Medical and Technology Building), Zone D (Ward Building), Zone E (Emergency Treatment, First Aid and Surgicenter), Zone F (Logistical Building), Zone G (Diagnosis Center), Zone J (Infection Building).

Address: No. 299, Qingyang Road, Liangxi district, Wuxi

Tel: 0510-82700775


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