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Currently, Fujian province has 23,100 schools at all levels, students 843.51 million. Among them, the various types of schools at all levels are 11,117. Full-time students at schools are 594.4 million; Kindergartens are 7,508, with 99.27 million pre-schoolers; various types of adult education schools (including vocational and technical training institutions) are 4,511, with 149.84 million students. The province's various schools faculty 49.15 million, including 40.81 million full-time teachers; day school faculty 42.61 million, including 36.83 million full-time teachers; other school staff 6.54 million, including 3.98 million full-time teachers .

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University

Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) is a leading higher education institution in Fujian Province, jointly supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the State Forestry Administration and the Fujian Provincial Government in China. Rated “Grade A” on the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation by the State Ministry of Education,FAFU is one of the first-batch universities to grant master degrees and one of second-batch universities to confer doctoral degrees in China. It is also one of the higher education institutions with Chinese Government Scholarship Programs to sponsor international students. The school has witnessed its 76 years' development. With a total area of over 320 hectares,the University has four campuses with the main campus located in Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, and the other three in Fuzhou College Station, Nanpin City and Anxi County.Besides, there are also two independent colleges, Jinshan College and Dongfang College, affiliated to FAFU, with a total enrollment of 18,000 students.

Fujian Medical University

Fujian Medical University (FMU) was founded in 1937. Through 70 years of development, it’s become a provincial educational institution to combine teaching, scientific research, medical treatment, medical prevention and social services, producing bachelors, masters, and PhDs. At present, the university comprises 19 schools and departments, which offer 23 undergraduate programs, 22 doctorate programs, 59 master programs, and 2 authorized master degree specialties. For now, it has an enrollment of 23,000 full-time students, of whom 12,000 are undergraduates, and about 2,200 doctoral and master’s programs learners. Currently, FMU has a staff of about 5638. Among them, those with senior professional title account for55.47%, and there’re 65 doctoral advisers and 455 master tutors. Besides, it boasts 13 affiliated hospitals (clinical medical colleges included), 29 clinical teaching-oriented hospitals, forming a relatively complete system for clinical teaching and fieldwork.

Fujian Normal University

Fujian Normal University (Abbr. FNU), as the oldest institution of higher education in Fujian province, was founded in 1907 and has grown to become a dynamic, comprehensive, internationally renowned university for teaching and research. It’s a demonstration base of studying in China of Education Ministry.It offers a wide range of subjects and disciplines of a full range of academic degree including literature, history, philosophy, science, engineering, pedagogy, economics, law, business management, agriculture, etc. Nowadays FNU tally offers 68 undergraduate programs with more than 30000 students enrolled. The University is at proud to host 10 post-doctoral research centers(among which 19 are first-class doctoral programs), 14 first-class and 130 second-class disciplines for postgraduate program, 8 professional postgraduate programs, one national key discipline, 18 provincial key disciplines. Meanwhile, uniquely combining language scholarship, disciplinary expertise and regional focus, FNU has the most complete range and largest concentration on language education, which involves the related subject, such as Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language.

Fujian University of Technology

Fujian University of Technology (FJUT) is a provincial university focused on engineering while integrating other disciplines such as management, arts, economics, science and law. In 2002, FJUT was established through the merger of Fujian College of Architecture and Fujian Vocational Technical College. We can trace its history to Cang Xia Top School which was set up by Lin Shu and the private tutor of the Last Emperor, Chen Baochen. Over 13ooo students has graduated from the engineering school which has won the reputation of "Advanced Engineer of Fujian",“Huangpu Military Academy in Architecture” and “Cradle of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers”. Situated in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, FJUT occupies an area of 136.87 hectares, including 62.25 hectares for school buildings and 35.59 hectares for administration building. The total value of teaching and scientific equipments amounts to 215 million yuan.

Fuzhou University

Co-sponsored by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Fuzhou University is one of the national key universities that are ed into the “211 Project”, a Chinese government programme for the 21st century to support 100 ed universities for their further rapid development. Founded in 1958, it has now developed into a key comprehensive university in Fujian Province, giving priority to engineering courses and also enjoying a reputation for excellence in other fields including sciences, economics, management, liberal arts, law, arts and design, etc. There are 19 colleges in Fuzhou University, mainly for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate education and two independently operated colleges. There are 8 post-doctoral research stations, 9 doctoral degree programmes for the first-rank disciplines, 58 doctoral degree programmes for the second-rank disciplines, 35 master’s degree programmes for the first-rank disciplines, 141 master’s degree programmes for the second-rank disciplines, 11 professional degree authorization stations, and 75 undergraduate programmes. Fuzhou University has a staff of 3084, including over 1,828 full-time teachers. Among them there are 6 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (4 of them are double-employed), 1 academician of the International Eurasian Academy of Science, 1 academician of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences. Fuzhou University has been approved by the Ministry of Education to offer undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan regions and also abroad, and at present it has about 50,000 full-time students.

Wuyi University

Located in Wuyishan, Fujian Province, a “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” site, Wuyi University (WYU), covering an area of 3000 square meters, is a public full-time undergraduate university which is approved by the Ministry of Education of China. Being one of the Chinese Government Scholarship students receiving institutions, WYU offers the following three kinds of scholarship to international students: the Chinese government scholarship, the Fujian provincial government scholarship and Wuyi University scholarship. Besides, WYU is the Fujian provincial overseas Chinese education base and the promotion center for Chinese traditional culture experiencing. WYU recruits academic and non-academic overseas students. There are overseas students coming from the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Kenya and Bangladesh. WYU has 15 schools and 50 different majors, with 33 majors on undergraduate level covering economics, education, literature, science, engineering, agriculture, management science and art. At present, there are about 14000 full-time students studying in different majors.

Xiamen University

Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader Tan Kah Kee, the first university in China to be founded by an overseas Chinese. Xiamen University has a strong team of academic and administrative staff, making it possible to provide a full range of educational programmes. It is a key comprehensive university directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China, a first-class university with extensive international influence and is ranked in the top 20 of the over 2,000 universities and colleges in China. Xiamen University’s campuses lie on either side of Xiamen Bay, between the feet of green hills and the blue sea, and are recognized as the most beautiful campuses in China. The university has a graduate school and 26 schools or colleges consisting of 66 departments, together with nine research institutes. The university offers 83 undergraduate programmes, 214 academic master’s programmes and 34 professional master’s programmes, and 147 PhD programmes. Its first-class staff includes over 2,500 full-time academic and research staff, among which 23 are academicians of CAS and CAE. The university now has a total enrolment of over 40,000 full-time students, including over 3,000 overseas students. Xiamen University is among the first universities affiliated to Ministry of Education to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students and Confucius Scholarship students; meanwhile Fujian Government Scholarship and Xiamen University Scholarship have been established to fund more high-level exceptional international students to study here.

Xiamen University of Technology

XMUT is located in Jimei, one of the outer districts of Xiamen city. Xiamen in one of China’s five original Special Economic Zones, and is famous not only for its economic growth but also for its beautiful climate and clean environment. XMUT was founded in 1981, at around the same time as the Special Economic Zone. Its university status was conferred by President Xi Jin Ping when he was governor of Fujian Province. XMUT now has a total of three campuses, with a combined area of more than 120 hectares. In 2013 XMUT had a total enrollment of 21,000 domestic students. In addition, since the 1990s it has hosted hundreds of international students from all over the world. It currently has 1,000 faculty members, including approximately 50 overseas teachers, and offers 63 undergraduate and graduate programs.

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