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(I) The location and range of Xiangjiang New Area

The planning zone of Xiangjiang New Areae locates at the west bank of Xiangjiang River, from Yuelu District and High-tech development zone to the centers of Wangcheng County and Ningxiang County, totally about 1,200 sq meters and divided into 3 parts of leading area, core area and starting area.

Leading Zone: Xiangjiang New Area covers an area of 1200 square kilometers, including 420 square kilometers of land for construction use, 198 square kilometers of land for green belt use, 495 square kilometers of land for agricultural use, and 87 square square kilometers of water area.

Core Area: The core area is at the west of Xiangjiang River, east of Huangqiao Avenue, north of boundary of Gold Avenueand Yuelu District, and south of Hanpu Town and Pingtang Town, including land use area of Yuelu District, Hanpu Town,Pingtang Town and Leifeng Town. The land use area totals 416 square kilometers, including 139.07 square kilometers for Yuelu District, 62.2 square kilometers for Leifeng Town, 87.82 square kilometers for Hanpu Town, 112 square kilometers for Pingtang Town, 15.11 square kilometers for Hualong Village and Jinnan Village of High Technology Zone, 212 square kilometers is for construction use.

Initial Zone: The initial zone is at the west of the Ring Road, east of Huangqiao Avenue, south of Jijiang River and north of expansion zone of high technology zone (northern boundary of Hualong Village and Jinnan Village), occupies an area of 124 square kilometers, 72 square kilometers of land is for construction use.

(II) The strategic objectives, development orientation, development steps and vision of greater west river bank zone

1. Strategic objectives

The objectives are to construct the leading zone by 2020 to be a demonstration area for 2-Oriented Society comprehensive reform (the unit GDP energy consumption in leading area shall rank among the leading ones of the provincial capitals), the collection area of high-tech industries (the contribution rate of technical progresses on economic growth over 70%, and the gross product of high technical industries over 400 billion RMB Yuan), sampling area for unified development between urban and rural areas (the annual per capita disposable incomes of the urban and rural peoples respectively over RMB 60,000 Yuan and 40,000 Yuan), new urban district with livable ecology (with 200 sq. kilometers of the constructed area and a population about 1.5 million), a growth pole supporting development (the core area and the leading area realize local GDP to 300 billion RMB Yuan with a local financial revenue of 30 billion RMB Yuan).

2. Development orientation

Function orientation: a pilot and breakthrough area for national 2-Oriented Society comprehensive reform, the carrier area for the strategic integration core of Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster, and the major zone for developing function of Changsha City.

Industrial orientation: the advancing pilot area for Hunan industries, the demonstration and leading are for Chang-Zhu-Tan industrial transformation, and the core collection area for high-tech industries of Changsha City.

Ecological orientation: national famous ecological civilization area, new recycling and intensifying area for resources saving, and the benchmark for urban sustainable development.

Urban orientation: a local city with overall development between urban and rural areas, sample city with new-type growth model, and new environment-friendly and livable city with mountain and river scenes.

3. Construction steps: 3

The first step or start-up phase (2008 to 2012), the framework of core area shall have been mostly constructed, and the main functional area in the start-up area shall be mostly formed; the second step or fast developing phase (2013 to 2020), improve the comprehensive functions of the zone, and the main functional area of the core area shall have been mostly constructed; the third step or highly developed phase (2021 to 2030), basically realize modernization, greatly improve the capacity driving developments of other areas, and the leading zone shall have been mostly constructed.

Merchant Organs: Management Committee of Leading Zone

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Postcode: 410205

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