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Qingzhu Lake Ecological Technology (Industry) Park

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Qingzhu Lake is a small beautiful town along Xiangjiang River in Hunan Province, China, and exercises a system with Changsha Qingzhu Lake Ecological Technology (Industry) Park of 2-Leadership and 1 Group of Leaders for driving the town by the park. Since its establishment in 2003, this town has been listed into pilot area for 2-Oriented Society of Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster, supporting and cooperative small town in north core functional area and important small town of Hunan Province for construction for only 6 years, and in 2007 was praised to be Chinese Beautiful Environment Town in 2007. By its advantaged native environment, fashionable urban planning, perfect supporting infrastructures, wonderful ecology suitable for residence and developed backbone industries, Qingzhu Lake was approved to be Changsha Demonstration Area for Service Outsourcing, Hunan Demonstration Area for Service Outsourcing, and successfully applied for and was approved to be the first demonstration town for 2-oriented society of Hunan Province. Qingzhu Lake has become the start-up area for the Construction of 3+5 city cluster of Hunan Province.

Qingzhu Lake, circled by mountains and linking rivers, has rich forest and water resources, with mountains, water and vegetation in good protection, a forest cover rate of 65.8%, Qingzhu Lake greenest in Changsha City, the natural oxygen bar Qingzhu Lake Forest Park, modern and dynamic North European buildings, green and natural golf course in a shape of mountains circling a lake, and many reservoirs or lakes, each of which shows the light of ecology. For only 6 years, Qingzhu Lake abided by the development view of Ecology, Sports and Culture, strengthened its urban development, constructed 4 horizontal and 4 vertical roads, as well schools, hospitals, library, cinema, exhibition center and other utilities, and held many activities, such as miss globe international, national road motor championship, spring long-distance running, Changsha real estate exhibition, commerce week, famous car test drive and so on. This obscure town has become a new modern urban area with the style of north Europe and a development place collecting high-end industries. The continuous urban development gives the natural environment with urban style and keeps an air of freshness.

Ecological advantages will surely be transformed to be economic advantages. By excellent location conditions and flexible investment policies, Qingzhu Lake Park attracts the investors from the enterprises under the governance of the central government, the enterprises from Hong Kong and Zhejiang Province, and realizes the development vision of harmony between human and land and ecology first. This park has formed a sport entertainment industry with the first mountain challenging lake-circled golf course in Hunan Province as the leading enterprise; high-end residence represented by the elite housing Green City Qingzhu Garden; and introduced Sun Star Plaza, one of the first national green construction demonstration projects; Green Apple Digital Center, Newer Education, and other enterprises of modern network technologies or with high-quality talents, and built up Qingzhu Lake Service Outsourcing Demonstration Base integrating ecology, technology and industries, and will form a business incubation service base integrating business incubation building, 5-Star hotel and serviced apartment to provide more perfect urban services. Qingzhu Lake refused many traditional enterprises of high energy consumption and heavy pollution, kept its ecological environment at a high level, and formed a good platform for developing 2-Oriented Society. The results of economic development and ecological balance will surely build up a Chinese Service Outsourcing Demonstration Area and Hunan 2-Oriented Society Demonstration Town, and form a new economic growth pole.

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