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Jinzhou New Urban Area, with the most development vitality in Central China, is a new urban area for investment established by Changsha Municipal Government and Ningxiang County Government to speed up the regional economic & social development, improve the new regional economic competitiveness, expand new room for development, strengthen the functions of Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster during the integration of these cities. Jinzhou New Urban Area locates at the due west of Changsha City and the due east of Ningxiang County seat, and is the first location for Changsha to radiating 3/5 regions of Hunan Province. The new urban area is 23km east away from Changsha Municipal Government, 15km away from National Changsha High-tech Development Zone, and adjacent to the established province-level Hunan Ningxiang Economic Zone across Weijiang River, and 5km away from the country seat.

New features and characters

The fourth generation composite park

The land area in the overall plan of Jinzhou New Urban Area is 55.6 sq. kilometers, and 19.1 sq. kilometers planned land is developed in the first stage with industries as the core construction, and the park is a fourth generation composite park integrating residence, commerce, researching and education, logistics, entertainment and amusement. The park mainly develops its advantageous industries including textile and clothing, new materials, new energy, modern manufacture, software and plastics, and makes efforts to forming itself as a base receiving transferred industries from Pan Pearl River Delta and Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster, Changsha advanced manufacturing base, Changsha western logistics center and Changsha western ecological entertainment center. Jinzhou New Urban Area is the key location for Ningxiang County to fast merge into the provincial capital Changsha City, receive the stronger drive by Chang-Zhu-Tan economic circle, win the leading position in the next round of violent competition, and greatly facilitate new-type industrialization. The development of the new urban area will give a strong support for Ningxiang County to participate in domestic and foreign economic cooperation and competition in a larger scope and higher levels, and a great power for the county to accelerate the realization of its ambitious target of Locating In Hunan and Achieving Top 100.

4 significant advantages

Location advantage: Jinzhou locates at the east of Ningxiang County seat, and is 24km away from Changsha Committee of CPC and Changsha Municipal Government, 18km away from Changsha High-tech Development Zone, and within 15 minutes drive from Changsha City.

Transportation advantage: with Jinzhou Road as the core, by the convenience of Chang-Chang Express Road, National Road 319 and Shi-Chang Railway, Jinzhou New Urban Area can connect Changsha City seamlessly in time and space, and Fourth Ring Road of Changsha is adjacent and east to the new urban area, and by connections with the several main road forms a large traffic network connecting with the internal and the external roads. The area is the forward position to receive the economic radiation from Changsha City and Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster. With Jinzhou Road as the core, one hour drive distance may radiate 50 million people in 11 cities, and is the key for Changsha City to drive the development of NorthwestHunan Province.

Ecological advantage: the land of Jinzhou New Urban Area is open terrain and gentle slopes, with relative height difference between 20 and 40m in its main areas, fertile soil, thick natural vegetation and many large water surfaces, and is called as a natural golf course by many investors, and is a natural garden of Changsha, the provincial capital. The development of the new urban area complies with the view of Environment First, to construct an industrial new urban area with good ecology and gardens and suitable for industry and residence.

Advantage of a new comer: as a new industrial park, Jinzhou New Urban Area widely assimilates the achievements of the successful industrial parks in the developed regions in Hunan Province and other places, and takes its planning with high starting points as the base to form its core competitiveness. Jinzhou New Urban Area plans its development in the next bound at a higher point, fully takes advantages of its resources, market and cost, and form an industrial new urban area of good ecology and gardens, with industry as the core, and integrating modern logistics, commerce, real estate, office working and amusement.

Strong development trend

Jinzhou New Urban Area has presented a strong development trend, become the driving point of Ningxiang County merging into Changsha City, and rapidly risen to be a core district of new-type industrialization in western Changsha City.

The strategic structure with several connections to and fast merging into Changsha City has been formed. Jinzhou Road, west from Weijiang River east bank, connecting Tongzipo Road in Changsha High-tech Development Zone and with a length25.32km, has been put into construction, and will be completed finally in Oct 2008 as planned. Ningxiang County now has Chang-Chang Express Way and National Road 319 connecting Changsha City, and has completed the engineering of Jinzhou Road western line and the interchange between Chang-Chang Express Way and Jinzhou Road, which pioneered a huge investment by a county into an interchange engineering connecting with an express way being in operation, and meant a new model of industrial development platform. The difficulties, tight time, heavy task and high standards in the construction of Jinzhou Road made records in Ningxiang construction, and the project of this road was praised as Jinzhou Speed and Jinzhou Spirit by media. From then on, the distance from Ningxiang County seat to provincial capital Changsha City was reduced10km, and the gate for Ningxiang County merging into Changsha City was opened, which drives the development of Jinzhou New Urban Area into a fast lane, effectively improves its regional core competitiveness and leads Ningxiang County into a completely new development stage.

Unique planning

Jinzhou New Urban Area takes attention to planning, definite orientation, display of characters, core competitiveness cultivation, new comer advantage and the construction of domestic class 1 industrial park as its guiding thoughts to prepare the overall planning for new urban area and the controlling planning for core area. During the preparation of planning, Jinzhoualways abides by the principles of advancement and operability, by the scientific approaches and the view of moderate advancement, to deeply analyze the development of Jinzhou New Urban Area under the background of Central China Rise and the Competition in Pan Zhujiang River Delta.

The overall objectives for developments: based on the local special industrial advantages, receive the transferred industries from Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster and Pan Zhujiang River Delta, and by the end of the 11th 5-Year Period, to construct Jinzhou New Urban Area to be a new domestic representative and reputable modern industrial urban area with high-tech industries, modern facilities, high-efficiency management and garden environment.

Nature and orientations: the base receiving transferred industries from Pan Zhujiang River Delta and Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster, Changsha advanced manufacturing base, Changsha western logistics center and Changsha western ecologic entertainment base.

Objectives for industrial development: based on the existing industries in Ningxiang County and the functional orientations of Jinzhou New Urban Area as a new industrial urban area, to become a new type region of modern facilities, high-efficiency management and garden environment and with machine building, textile and clothing, printing and packaging and other advantageous industries as its backbones, logistics industry and culture and originality industry as the leading industries, and new materials, new energy and software and other high-tech industries as the key industries, and to become the main economic supporting point for Ningxiang County, Changsha City and Chang-Zhu-Tan city cluster to update the industrial levels and construct the cities with economic power.

Objectives for environment development: with Environment First as the view, and ecologization and afforestation as the main targets, try to construct Jinzhou New Urban Area to be a demonstrative urban garden district in western Changsha City.

Land usages: in accordance with the functional division in Jinzhou New Urban Area, the planned land pattern is of group. In Jinzhou New Urban Area there are residence group, comprehensive service group, industrial group, researching and supporting service group, logistics group and ecological and entertainment group, totally 6 functional blocks. There are complementary relationships among residence group, comprehensive service group, ecological and entertainment group and industrial group; there are functional cooperation relationships among industrial groups, and among industrial groups, researching and supporting service group and logistics group; there are large plots of green lands between these groups.

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