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Haikou serves as the transportation hub for Hainan Island, and buses are available from 3 bus stations in Haikou to all areas of Hainan. Express buses are faster, cleaner, and often equipped with bathrooms, making them the best option for bus travel in Hainan.

Please check the bus schedules to find out which station serves the area you wish to travel to. During holidays buses are often sold out hours in advance, during which time the bus stations are extremely crowded. Bus schedules are subject to change. 

Haikou South Bus Station

Add: Nanhai Avenue, Haikou

Tel: +86-898-66803800 

Haikou East Bus Station

Add: No 148 Haifu Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou, Hainan

Tel: +86-898-65340753 

Haikou West Bus Station

Add: West Haixiu Road, Xiuying District, Haikou, Hainan

Tel: +86-898-66803800 


Sanya taxi

Catching a taxi in Sanya is getting more convenient with the recent addition of new taxis in September 2013, raising the total number of taxis in operation to 1,534.

Minimum fare:

8 yuan for first 2 kilometers

Fare above minimum fare:

2 yuan per km 

Haikou taxi

Just like many other cities, flagging down a taxi is the most convenient way to travel around Haikou. Taxis are easily hired almost everywhere in the city, although during rush hour or rainstorms they can be scarce in some areas. The flag-fall price is 10 yuan for the first 3 kilometers, and an additional 2 yuan per additional kilometer, and an additional 1 yuan fuel surcharge. Taxis should charge according to the meter. Most taxi drivers in Haikou are unable to speak English beyond a few simple phrases, so it's a good idea to have your destination written in Chinese for reference.



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