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Coconut Palm Group: the biggest natural plant protein soft drink producer in China

Coconut Palm Group is a specialized company engaged in deeply processing tropical fruits such as coconuts. It is one of the ten most powerful companies in the soft drink industry, and the biggest producing natural plant protein soft drinks in China.

The predecessor of Coconut Palm Group was Haikou Canned Factory, founded in 1956. It mainly produces fruit juice soft drinks, and has world-class production techniques based on large scale automation. Its four leading products "Coconut Palm Brand Natural Coconut Juice", "Coconut Palm Brand Natural Mineral Water", "Volcanic Rare Natural Mineral Water" and "Natural Mango Juice", have become so well-known that they are used as soft drinks at state banquets. They have been served to heads of states and VIP politicians from more than 100 states and districts and sold in over 30 nations and districts. "Coconut Palm Brand Coconut Juice" and "Coconut Palm Brand Mineral Water" have both been designated "Chinese Famous Brand Products". The Group is the only company in the soft drink industry which has two products so designated at the same time.

Thirty years before planned economies Haikou Canned Factory had a frustrating history of ups and downs, and rising and ebbing tides; the firm became insolvent in 1985. Since director Wang Guangxing came to the factory in 1986, Coconut Palm, after a series of reforms, has been on a unique development path and formed a special Coconut Palm production and operation management pattern.  

During the 31 years of development (1986-2016), the company has created total tax and profit of 7.69 billion yuan ($1.18 billion). In 2016, its tax delivery reached 603 million yuan, 201 times as much as 1985. The development of Coconut Palm has promoted the development of the Hainan tropical fruits planting industry.

In September 2006, Coconut Palm carried out systematic reform, extricated itself from the obstacles of the state enterprise system, and became a private enterprise.

Coconut Palm will certainly develop its new plan with excellent management, good products and quality services that are offered as a tribute to the millions of customers who love Coconut Palm; it will progressively develop to be a huge trans-regional enterprise with annual production of one million tons and annual outcome value of seven billion yuan. Coconut Palm in the modern enterprise system will make greater achievements and contributions to the country.

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