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Fangshan Park

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Fangshan Park is composed of Beijing Petrochemical New Materials High-tTech Industry Base, Beijing High-end Manufactureing Industry Base, Liangxiang Economic Development Area, Beijing Haiju Foundation and Higher Education Park. It has a floor area of 15.73 square kilometers.

(1) Beijing Petrochemical New Materials High-tech Tech Industry Base.

It is one of the first 62 new industrialization demonstration bases in China, with a total area of around 30 square kilometers. It is an important carrier of strategic cooperation between the Beijing municipal government and Sinopec and one of five industry bases under planned construction in Fangshan district.

The East District is the initial district with a planning area of 5.68 square kilometers. It focuses on fine chemistry, petrochemical new materials and crucial projects. The West District is the core area of Yanshan Petrochemical.

(2) Beijing High-End Manufacturing Industry Base

The development area covers 5.85 square kilometers. Changan Automobile, BWI Group, China CNR Corporation Limited, National Energy and Jinpengpa Unmanned Aerial Vehicle have settled here.

The fixed-asset investment of the base is 2.21 billion yuan ($359.2 million). The annual output of the three companies that have been put into operation total around 800 million yuan. It generates tax income of 37 million yuan and provides jobs for over 1,800 people.

(3) Liangxiang Economic Development Area in Beijing

It was established in 1992 with an area of 109.5 hectares. The development and assignment have been completed.

Currently, 63 companies have settled here, including famous companies from home and abroad like America PLP Company, Geokon Instruments (Beijing), Beijing Wellso Pharmaceutical, China Xinxing Group and Beijing Hongdu Group. Its indicators are ranked fifth among the 16 city-level development zones in 2011. The technology, industry and trade income totaled 19.4 billion yuan this year, with taxes totaling 800 million yuan, a profit of 280 million yuan and export income of $100 million.

(4) Industrialization base of Haiju Project

Haiju Base is a new effort to adjust the industry structure in the district. It complies with the National Thousands of Talents Plan and Beijing Haiju Project and is a focal point for leaders in the city and district. The planning area is 0.9 square kilometers with a development area of 268,667 square meters in the first stage.

Currently, there are eight projects in the base, including Beijing Feihang Jida Aviation Technology, the Environmental Protection of Xishan district project, Ntong Technology Co, Beijing Grish Co and Beijing Dongfang Xupu Technology Co. It has a total planned investment of 1.5 billion yuan. The construction of Feihang Jida, Ntong Technology and Haiju Technology Building has begun or is about to begin.

(5) Liangxiang Higher Education Park in Beijing

It is one of the two higher education parks approved by the Beijing municipal government. It has a total planned floor area of 6.74 million square meters, total construction area of 4.97 million square meters, total investment of 30 billion yuan and 100,000 employees. The park is divided into the college park, central landscape area, central device area and allocation area.

The park was constructed in 2002 and the first level development of the land has been completed. The investment totals 13.37 billion yuan. There are six colleges and universities in the park. The construction of the graduate school of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, Capital Normal University, and Beijing Technology and Business University in the first stage has been completed with over 27,000 students and teachers. Plans are underway to construct Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Beijing Vocational College of Transportation.

(6) Beijing Liangxiang Logistics Base

Located in Yuan Wutun village, Yancun town, Fangshan district, Liangxiang Logistics Base occupies an area of 4,367 mu (291.14 hectares) with a total planned construction area of 2.2 million square meters pursuant to the Controllable Specific Planning on Beijing Southwest Liangxiang Logistics Base.

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