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Xintai Circular Economy Park

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I. Introduction:

Xintai Circular Economy Park (新泰新能源产业园) is located south of Loude Town of Xintai city with planned area of 14 square kilometers. It is next to Jining city in the south and Ningyang county of Tai'an city in the west.

Relying on Shandong Liaherd Chemical Industry Company, Shandong Huayang Pesticides Group, and Taishan Salt Chemistry Group, the park has developed a circular economy structure that features recycling of upstream and downstream products, long industrial chain, and radial expanding. The park has been equipped with complete infrastructure facilities.

1. Xintai city sets up one stop service hall to simplify procedures, increases work efficiency and creates a good investment environment.

2. The east of the park near No 09 Road, and the north near Mengguan Road. Jinghu and Jingfu Expressway pass around the Zone, and Cilai Railway goes through the park.

The park would build "three verticals and three horizontals" road net system, and logistics warehousing center with roads railways, pipelines, leather belts as the base to reach annual throughput of 3.9 million tons.

3. Loude town has a population of 80,000 with abundant labor resources. It has one city-level hospital, three middle schools, thirteen primary schools and kindergartens.

Education and health conditions are superior, and post, network and communications have covered the park. The park has built five new communities, which can accommodate about 100,000 people as residents.

4. The park has one HV substation, which has formed 220KV and 110KV electricity network.

5. The park has set up a sewage treatment plant, thermal power plant and water treatment plant.

II. Overall thinking:

The park issues investment promotions and makes preferential policies to promote projects with large investments.

It insists on "reduction, reutilization, recycle" principle to develop coal chemical sector, salt chemical sector, industry of fine chemicals and building materials, and establish modern industrial system through regional resources.

III. Development goals:

During 2010-2020, the park will build a production base integrated with coal, salt, organosilicon, pesticide and chemicals to upgrade Xintai's strategic industrial objective.

By 2020, total investment could reach 10.13 billion yuan (including infrastructure investment), and bring annual output value of 12.67 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 2.41 billion yuan. The park will form an industry pattern of resources based advantage chemicals.

IV. Investment promotions project:

The park would center on sectors of coal gasification, coal coking, salt chemicals, pesticide chemicals, fine chemicals, chemical machinery and building materials to attract investments.

The park would introduce projects including pyridine, zeolite, methanal, silicone oil, silastic, urea resin, urotropin, DMC and pyrazolone to cooperate and negotiate.

V. Contact information:

Contact unit: Xintai Economic Cooperation Bureau

Person to contact: Xu Hui, Zheng Xinping

Tel: 0086-538-7235997


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