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Tai'an Tourism and Development Zone

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I. Project name: Tai'an Tourism and Development Zone (泰安旅游经济开发区)

II. Project address: No1 Xiuhu Villa, Tianping Lake, Tai'an, Shandong

III Brief introductiont: Tai'an Tourism Development Zone is located in the west of Tai'an city, East China's Shandong province, 500 km south to Beijing and 760 km north to Shanghai. Sitting at the foot of Mount Tai, the world heritage and centering the 3.5 -sq-km Tianping Lake, it is a holiday resort approved by Shandong Government with an area of 23.9 square kilometers under control. It aims to develop a world-class tourist destination in the national popular sightseeing zone of "Mount Tai-Confucius' Birthplace-the City of Springs" with multi-functional venues and amenities. It only takes some 20 minutes to Taishan Express Railway Station by car, and within 10 minutes to Tai'an Municipal Building, Taishan Railway Station, the west entrance of Mount Tai(Taohuayu) and the middle entrance of Mount Tai (Tianwaicun) respectively. It is 80 kilomerters (a 60-minute drive) to Jinan Airport and there're international airlines connecting Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and domestic airlines connecting major cities of China.

IV. Project content and construction scale: Tai'an Tourism and Development Zone aims to develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly world-class holiday resort. Favorable projects include: top level convention & resort hotels, characterized holiday inns, motels and self-driving camping bases, yatches, water amusement parks, theme parks, golf courses, grass bowling, tennis courses, spa, gym, home for the aged, theatre, folk custom & culture projects, shopping plazas, bars, tea houses, coffee shops, and top level resident communities.

V. Construction condition of the project: The water of Tianping Lake comes from the plentiful rain and brooks of Mount Tai. The gently sloping terrain, green hills, streams and valleys constitute a beautiful panorama of nature. The verdant vegetation and fine ecological environment attract flocks of swans, grey cranes and wild ducks in winter. It's an ideal place to develop top quality holiday resort projects. Some projects of (Taishan) Overseas Chinese Recuperation Centre of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Taishan International Resort invested by Singapore Athens Investment Co Ltd have been introduced to the Zone.

VI. Total investment: 2 billion yuan ($317.4 million)

VIII. Ways of cooperation: Strength-strength cooperation, Win-win strategy Joint venture, cooperation and solely-funded

Investor: Realize landmark projects that benefit to and from the famed Mount Tai. Create a world-class holiday resort. Generate a good return relying on the 18 million annual tourists of Taishan. Recognize corporation brand and image with the glory of Mount Tai.

Local government: Create investment environment, low down enterprise's investment cost. Celebrate Mount Tai culture. Develop Mount Tai tourism industry. Create a world-class tourism city. Achieve sustainable development and create opportunities for employment.

Cooperation unit of the project: Tai'an Tourism Development Zone Administration is the administrative organization and service platform for the Development Zone. Its major responsibilities include the preparation of overall planning and development plan, the approval of the investment projects in the Zone and the management of land requisition. It's in charge of carrying out investment promotion, publicizing and promoting the investment environment and policies and regulations of the Zone. The Development Zone can enjoy all kinds of preferential policies made by state and local governments. The Administration governs Secretary Division, Economic Development Bureau, Construction Administration Bureau, Tax Branch and Enforcement Unit.

To quicken the pace of development and construction of the Zone, Tai'an Municipal Committee of the CPC and Tai'an Municipal Government established a special headquarter for the Zone. Preferential policies on land using support, deduction or exemption of taxes and administrative charges etc. are applicable subject to the contribution made to local tourism industry.

IX. Contact ways:

Contact unit: Tai'an Tourism Development Zone Administration

Person to contact: Wang Hongxia

Tel: 0086-538-8573688



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