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Dongping Emerging Industry Park

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I. Project name: Dongping Emerging Industry Park (东平工业园)

II. Introduction: Based on scientific and technological innovations, Dongping County cultivates centralized areas for industrial projects of new energy, new materials, new medicine, new technology and new information.

Dongping County Industry Park has planned a land of 400 Chinese acres and is going to build an emerging industry park, and introduce many high-tech projects with high technology content and broad market development prospects.

The park introduced four projects that started construction, and it would introduce 12 to 15 projects in the Emerging Industry Park.

IV. Total investment: 3 billion yuan ($ 474.61 million)

V. Ways of cooperation: Joint venture and cooperation

VI. Market analysis: Emerging industry is integration of emerging technology, finance, industry and commerce.

It represents technological innovations and direction of industrial developments for new economic growth points with unique vitality.

The emerging industry has become the core of global industrial adjustments, industrial transfers and technology transformations.

VII. Economic benefits analysis: Introduce12 to 15 high-tech projects and build emerging technology park with sales of over 10 billion yuan.

VIII. Project unit: Dongping Industry Park, provincial-level Development Zone, which was founded in May 2002. It has planned area of 35 square kilometers and central area of 15 square kilometers.

Infrastructure of water, power, gas, heater and communications in the center region is complete. In recent years, projects from 125 enterprises with large investment have been built.

IX. Contact information:

Contact unit: Dongping County Economic Cooperation Bureau

Person to contact: Mr. Chen, Mr. Wu

Tel: 0086-538-2881616/2830589


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