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International Climbing Federation China Open


Athletes compete at the 2018 International Climbing Federation China Open [Photo/]

The International Climbing Federation China Open is hosted by the International Climbing Federation, Guangzhou municipal people's government, the National Sports General Administration Mountaineering Management Center, the China Mountaineering Association, and the Guangzhou sports bureau. It is held at the climbing gym at Guangzhou University Town Sports Center. 

The competition consists of six items of difficulty, speed and rock climbing for men and women. The participants are the top 10 athletes in the world in each category, the top two athletes in China in each category, and the top eight athletes that pass the preliminary round of the International Climbing Federation. 

This event is not only the top competitive platform for the world's rock climbing players, but also the international competition carrier for Chinese athletes preparing for the Olympics. It is also a nationally renowned star event and will become a new city card for promoting Guangzhou's international image.

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