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Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Regatta


The 2018 Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Regatta [Photo/]

The Guangzhou Nansha International Sailing Regatta has been held in Nansha since 2017. It is a top three-day international event that includes several fun activities. In addition to the highlights of the Nansha Maritime Silk Road Sailing Challenge Cup and Yacht CN•Guangzhou Nansha International Yacht Expo, other activities such as water and land yacht shows and a virtual reality sailing experience hall also run through the festival. It also offers an opportunity to help the audience board a sailboat to enjoy the waves.

Yacht CN has been successfully held for six sessions in Nansha since 2012. It aims to create the largest annual yacht industry event and trading platform in South China, bringing healthy and fashionable leisure styles to consumer groups that pursue quality of life.

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